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Why NFP?


  • Involves no chemicals, artificial hormones, pills, devices, etc.
  • There are no harmful side effects; No additional medical treatments are needed due to causal effects.
  • Works WITH fertility instead of against it
  • Can be used for BOTH achieving AND avoiding pregnancy
  • Better for the environment–involves no harmful waste


God’s Design

  • In line with Catholic teaching on God’s design for marriage and sexuality
  • Open to life, and values it in every decision


Strengthens Marriage


More Economical

  • Once you learn an NFP method, recurring costs are minimal compared to the costs of using forms of birth control (i.e. buying pills every month, buying condoms, etc.).
  • Because there are no harmful side-effects, money does not need to go towards additional medical treatment.


Awareness of Women’s Health

  • Increased knowledge of the woman’s body
  • Greater appreciation for the gift of fertility and how our bodies were created
  • Increased awareness of women’s health issues
  • The best help with infertility-finding the root cause

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