Marquette Model

Marquette Model (MM) incorporates cervical fluid observations with urinary metabolite hormone levels to identify days of fertility and infertility. The Marquette Model uses a hand-held electronic (ClearBlue Easy) fertility monitor to measure estradiol and luteinizing hormone (LH) urinary metabolites combined with daily cervical mucus observations. Women should attend classes and receive instruction from a trained and certified medical professional to ensure accuracy in using the method to achieve or postpone pregnacy.

Catholic Speakers, Ken and Janelle share their Natural Family Planning Journey with Marquette

Average Cost

  • Group classes cost $125 (this includes instruction for a certified instructor and up to five other couples learning online, with individual follow up for 1 year are included).
  • Individual classes with instructor cost $175 with follow ups included for 1 year from the start date.
  • Ongoing consultations fees after the 1st year may cost up to $75 for the year.
  • Additional costs of $175 for the Clearblue Fertility monitor, plus $18-20/month for test strips per month.

Class/Instruction Format

A certified teacher will meet with you in online training instruct you on the basic science behind method, how to chart your patterns of fertility and infertility, use the fertility monitor, and interpret your observations. Class length is 60-90 minutes long. There is at least one followup with a second learning session and chart review. The training also covers one year of individual follow ups with the instructor.

Contact an Instructor

Kathryn Elenchin, BSN, Certified Marquette Method NFP Instructor

Sarah Tramonte, BSN, RN, CPN
Certified Marquette Method NFP Instructor

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