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Sympto-Thermal Method

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Type in bigger text and center: Sympto-thermal Method (STM) is based on a woman’s observations of her cervical fluid, basal body temperature (waking temperature), and changes in the cervix on a daily basis. A woman records the characteristics of her cervical fluid secretions and monitors the basal body temperature, which rises after ovulation. Couples cross-check these two primary signs and follow specific guidelines to determine the beginning and end of their fertile and infertile days. Women should attend classes and receive instruction from a trained and certified medical profession to ensure accuracy in using the method to achieve or postpone pregnacy. Training can be specified to be used post-partum and peri-menopausal.

Couple Testimonials

“For the first time, we were a team when it came to our fertility. Because of this, communication opened up in every aspect of our lives.”

– Shannon

“NFP has truly enriched our marriage in more ways than we could have imagined.”

– Heather

Average Cost

Certified teaching couples will charge flat fee for all materials of $135 (for instruction and materials and plus a little extra for shipping of materials).

Class/Instruction Format

A certified teaching couple will meet with you in person or online and teach you the sympto-thermal method including the basic science behind it, how to chart your patterns of fertility and infertility, and designated instructions and observations.There are total of three classes, one month apart. Also there is a self-paced online training class with instructor consultation and feedback.

Contact a Local Instructor

Teaching Couple: Sarah and Tim Fitzgerald (Utica/Rome Area)
Email: sarahfitzgerald716@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 550-2076

Teaching couple: Brittany and Collin Maloney (Syracuse Area)
Email: brittLcrawford@hotmail.com
Phone: 315- 399–3849

Teaching couple: Jim and Mary Margaret Van Damme (Utica/Rome Area)
Email: vandammes@gmail.com
Phone: (315) 339-2143

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