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Is NFP for Me?

Note to All Women – Single or Married

Knowing your cycle:

  • Empowers you as a woman and increases your confidence – you better understand your moods, your body, and your impulses when you know where you are at in your feminine cycle
  • Helps you to care for yourself in a more educated way:

    Keeping track of the signs and symptoms of fertility can help women to learn their bodies and be more aware of what their “normal” cycle looks like, so that if something seems off they will know to take early action. This is why NFP is an amazing tool for women’s health issues in general. Sometimes changes in a woman’s cycle can point to hormonal abnormalities, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, cancer, infections, stress effects, or other issues, which can then be addressed with a healthcare professional without the use of hormonal birth control.

  • Helps you to appreciate the gift of your fertility, and make a sacrificial offering when in times of pain!
  • Teaches you about your sexuality. Learning about your sexuality in light of NFP often helps to foster sexual healing. If you are someday called to marriage, this knowledge will benefit you and your future spouse.

For more on the benefits of practicing NFP as a single person, check out this article.

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