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Methods of NFP

  • All methods help you track signs and symptoms of fertility
  • Some track just one symptom, some multiple symptoms
  • Determines if you are fertile or infertile on any given day, using a set of “rules”
  • All methods are used to help achieve or avoid pregnancy
  • All methods involve abstaining from sexual relations at certain times depending on your fertility goals (i.e. avoiding pregnancy).
  • All methods have a 97-100% effectiveness rate

Single-indicator method (mainly sensation), widely used because of its simplicity

Single-indicator method (cervical mucus only), can consult with method-trained doctors for help with fertility

Tracks several signs of fertility, also includes the use of a Fertility Monitor

Charting several signs of fertility (temperature, cervical mucus, sensation, etc.) in order to gather a complete picture of your fertility

 Single Indicator MethodsMulti-Indicator Methods
MethodBillings Ovulation Method ®Creighton ModelMarquette MethodSympto-Thermal Method (Couple to Couple League)
Visual Mucus Observation
Cervix Position
Fertility Monitor
Is There an App?
Name/Website of App(s)NFP Charting Online
Fertility Pinpoint
Compatible with NFP Charting OnlineMost apps allow one to enter the applicable symptoms, but may not follow the same rules as Marquette Method.Most apps allow one to enter Basal Body Temperature, but may not follow the same rules as Sympto-Thermal Method.
Perfect Use Effectiveness Rate (at avoiding pregnancy)97.1-100%98.7-99.8%98-99.4%99.60%
Typical Use Effectiveness Rate94.1-100%94.6-97.9%88-89%98.40%
Cost~$135 to learn method (typically includes all materials and follow-ups).~$40/one hour session out of pocket, sometimes covered by insurance. Typically taught in 8-10 sessions.$66/6 mos.--Online one-to-one instruction,
$34.99/6 mos.--Anonymous online group instruction.
$175/Clearblue Fertility monitor, plus,
$18-20/month for the test strips
$130/live online class, $110/self-paced online
Learning formatEither in-person or remote learning are available with two-part PowerPoint presentations; follow-ups every two weeks for four – six times (but variable depending on individuals).One-on-one with instructor over phone or in person. Taught over nine one-hour sessions in first year, then every 6-12 months after that. Both self-paced online. Personal includes online video chat or phone instructions with Marquette Method Professional Nurse. Anonymous is in online group setting run by a Professional Marquette Method Nurse Teacher. Has access to online charting and discussion forum.Online, either live (can chat with teacher and other students virtually) or self-paced. Taught over 3 sessions with a month in between to chart.
CommentsCan be used to diagnose and treat gynecologic/fertility problems such as infertility and PCOS. Charting can be done using online charting or app as well as traditional paper chart. No finger testing, temperature or internal cervical exam. Sensation is primary observation based on 850,000+ hormonal assays done in Australia. Can be used for medical evaluation by Creighton-trained physician to help diagnose variety of feminine health issues. Backed by the science of NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology), which works cooperatively with the woman’s cycle.Can record results in online chart system, or use free iPhone app (Android version currently being developed)Largest NFP provider in U.S., large network of couples
Contact in our DioceseContact sue@boma-usa.org with questions, or to register for online class click here.
www.fertilitycarechoices.com/contact-uslearnmmnfp@gmail.comJim and Mary Margaret Van Damme, vandammes@gmail.com
Facebook group - NFP:CCL's STM
They have teaching couples in that group to help answer questions within a few hours.

Which Method is Right for Me?

NFP Apps & Devices

Many people find it very helpful to use a device to help them track their fertility signs and symptoms. There are also many apps available that can help with tracking and charting. Below are a list of several popular devices and apps.

A few words of caution:

  • We do not recommend using an app or device as a replacement for learning an actual method of NFP.
  • We recommend first learning one of the four major methods, and then using an app or device to supplement and cross-check your practice.
  • The app or device may advise the use of contraception during the fertile phase (if trying to avoid pregnancy), which is not in line with Catholic teaching (see Catholic teaching page).
  • Many of the apps available use a standard cycle length, which may not apply to all women, or may use an algorithm to determine fertility/infertility that may not be personalized to the individual woman.
  • Using an app or device exclusively does not allow you to consult an instructor or doctor if you notice irregularity in your cycle or have a question (with the exception of MyFertilityMD, which has doctors on call – see below).



  • Armband that you wear while sleeping
  • Collects data on temperature, sleep patterns, and more to give a full picture of your fertility


  • Earbud that is worn while sleeping
  • Takes basal body temperature throughout the night and helps detect the window of fertility


  • Fertility computer with traditional thermometer
  • Analyzes basal body temperature readings


  • My Fertility MD – combines several methods, developed by doctors, includes “Ask a Doctor” feature which sends questions to team of physicians
  • NFP Charting Online – compatible with Billings and Creighton, developed for Billings
  • Ovulation Mentor – developed to work with Billings method, can be used for others as well
  • LilyPro – mainly for Sympto-Thermal method
  • LadyCycle – mainly for Sympto-Thermal method
  • Sympto.org – has an app, mainly for Sympto-Thermal method
  • OvuView – can enter multiple symptoms
  • Ovia – can enter multiple symptoms

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