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Creighton Model of Fertility Awareness

Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) is a comprehensive method for tracking a woman’s fertility by teaching her to objectively describe her cervical fluid, mucus observations, and mucus sensations throughout her cycle on a daily basis. Women learn to observe and record the quality and quantity of her cervical fluid in a standardized and systematic way and can time intercourse to either avoid or achieve pregnancy. Women should attend classes and receive instruction from a trained and certified medical profession.

Women or couples should attend classes or receive instruction from a trained educator to ensure accuracy in using the method to achieve or postpone pregnancy. In addition, the CrMS chart serves as a tool for evaluating and monitoring a woman’s reproductive and gynecologic health through the reprodocutive health science of Natural Procreative (NaPro) Technology. This can especially be helpful for those looking to address cycle concerns or abnormalities, recurrent miscarriages, or any signs of infertility.

Overview of the Creighton Model

Average Cost

Certified Teachers often will charge flat fee for starting materials of $35. Generally, it is about $35-$45 per one hour session, with 8 sessions total.

Class/Instruction Format

A certified teacher will meet with you in person or online training and show you a PowerPoint presentation that reviews the Creighton Model of Fertility, including the basic science behind it, how to chart your patterns of fertility and infertility, and designated instructions and observations. At that point, you will begin your own chart and two weeks later will meet with the teacher either in person or remotely to review your charting so far. Most couples will meet with a teacher for total of 8 follow-ups to gain confidence and to ensure accuracy.

Creighton is also used medically in combination with NaPro Technology to analyze, diagnose, and treat cycle and hormonal irregularities, infertility, and miscarriage. NaPro Technology is the medical science that works cooperatively with the procreative and gynecologic systems. When those systems function abnormally, NaPro identifies the underlying problems and cooperates with the cycle in tes treatments that correct the condition, maintain the natural human ecology, and sustain the procreative potential.

Overview of NaPro Technology

Contact an Instructor

“I can’t stop talking to everyone I know about the Creighton System. Since my husband (then fiancé) and I started our journey, I have learned more about fertility and my body than I ever learned in school, from a doctor, or my parents.”

– Sabina & Kieran

“Without NaProTECHNOLOGY, I would have given up on natural family planning. I have needed this medical expertise. I am sure I am not the only person requiring assistance. I am grateful for the research, the kindness, and the consideration and the adherence to Catholic teachings.”


“The Creighton Model FertilityCare System is a wonderful program for couples planning a family, as well as single women with possible reproductive problems. This system has taught me so much about God’s unique design of the human body and its functions. This program should be encouraged for all couples preparing for marriage.”

– MV

“Charting with Creighton Model has given me a sense of empowerment. I can tell what my body is doing and when I expect menses to occur.”

– KH

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