How would you describe your mornings?

How would you describe your monthly cycle?

Which statement best describes your current status?

What do you feel most comfortable with as far as charting?

Which of the following biomarkers would you and your spouse feel most comfortable with?

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Sympto-Thermal Method
Your best fit would most likely be the Sympto-Thermal Method. This involves charting several symptoms of fertility (basal body temperature, cervical mucus, sensation, and cervical position) in order to gather a complete picture of your fertility.
Marquette Model
Your best fit would most likely be the Marquette Model of Natural Family Planning. The Marquette Method tracks several signs of fertility, and also includes the use of a Fertility Monitor.
Single-Indicator Method
Your best fit would most likely be a Single-Indicator Method, such as the Billings Ovulation Method or the Creighton Model (NaPro Technology). These methods focus on one sign, which some people find preferable because of its simplicity. They are both highly effective and widely used.
No Method
Your best fit would be no method! Practicing NFP is totally optional, and there are many couples that choose not to “plan” the timing of their pregnancies and/or family size. Even though couples that practice NFP are open to life at all times, they may have serious reasons to avoid pregnancy, and therefore choose to practice a method to help them know when they are fertile or infertile on a day-to-day basis. But for some, this knowledge is not really necessary, and they find the mystery of not knowing very exciting and freeing.

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